Smart PoE Switch 8 port, Full Gigabit POE Switch (POE Watch dog AI function), 8*1000Mbps uplink or 8*1000Mbps poe port , POE Watch dog AI function, support IEEE802.3af/at/bt , 6Kv lightning protection, short circuit protection, over temperature protection ,profession thunder design, bandwidth 16Gbps Mac address : 8K , power 120W


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  • Smart PoE Switch 8 port
  • Full Gigabit POE Switch (POE Watch dog AI function)
  • 8*1000Mbps uplink or 8*1000Mbps poe port , POE Watch dog AI function
  • support IEEE802.3af/at/bt , 6Kv lightning protection
  • short circuit protection ,
  • over temperature protection ,profession thunder design ,
  • bandwidth 16Gbps Mac address : 8K , power 120W


Smart PoE Switch10port, RJ45 Down link(POE)x8(10/100Mbps), SFPX1/RJ45 Up linkx2(10/100/1000Mbps), Brandwidth:7.6Gbps, 6KV lightning protection, Support IEEE 802.3af/at protocol, Power input: AC110V~240 / 120W / 50~60Hz, Size: 187*139*43mm

฿ 4,138 ฿ 4,138
฿ 3,724 ฿ 3,724 -10%

single port Gigabit POE Power Sourcing Equipment input power 90-280VAC, Output power 46-52VDC, PoE power Max 30W comply with IEEE802.3af / at international standards, MT, MTBF > 100k hours

฿ 1,150 ฿ 1,150
฿ 1,035 ฿ 1,035 -10%

Suppor Analog SD, HD IPC (H.264/H.265, Decode, Support IPC 8MP), Suppart Analog HD (AHD 5MP; CVI and TVI 8MP), Stop by step IPC test, quickly locate faiture., ONVIF highty compatible., TDR Function (Time and Domain Range)., Real time operation prompt., 12V/1A power output, Single 100M network port, capable of detecting packet lost, monitoring network flow, Data Monitor, 4.0 inch all viewing angle display, 800x480 resolution, 16.7M color, Swing keyboard input, QWERTY, Changeable Li-polymer battery, battery working time 5 hours, With rubber protection layer; Dual LED torch, Digital Multimeter Optional., Soffware upgrade online.,

฿ 9,933 ฿ 9,933
฿ 8,939 ฿ 8,939 -10%

21E+3G+2G Smart PoE Switch, Bandwidth: 14.2Gbps, 2*Gigabit Uplink port+3 Rj45 Poe port+ 21*100M, adaptive Poe port+CD 5525 5V1A, MAc Address: 8K, 6KV lightning protection, shot-circuit protection, Power: AC 180-240V / 400W / 50~60Hz, Size: 430*180*45mm

฿ 9,510 ฿ 9,510
฿ 8,559 ฿ 8,559 -10%
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