HP-9632 กล้องวงจรปิดไฮวิว ระบบไอพี 3 ล้านพิกเซล ใช้งานภายนอกและภายใน มีไมค์ในตัว บันทึกภาพและเสียง Hiview mini Speed Dome Mic-Built-in IP Camera 3 MP


Solution 1/28" SONY IMX124+HI3516D, Resolution 3.0MP, Optical zoom 20X F=5.5-110mm./ F1.6-F3.5, Support Auto focus, Support SD Card Max. 128GB., Alarm input x1 / Alarm output x1, Network RJ45 x1 (10/100Mbps), Mic input x1 / Speaker output x1, Support 2-way-audio, Support Menu OSD (Preset 95), Support App SuperlivePlus, NVMS-1000, NVMS-5000, Support Brewers IE11 (Live view, Search. Config),  Power supply AV24V. /300mA., Protection Level IP66, Weight 3.5Kg.,




  • Solution 1/28" SONY IMX124+HI3516D
  • Resolution 3.0MP
  • Optical zoom 20X F=5.5-110mm./ F1.6-F3.5
  • Support Auto focus
  • Support SD Card Max. 128GB.
  • Alarm input x1 / Alarm output x1 
  • Network RJ45 x1 (10/100Mbps) 
  • Mic input x1 / Speaker output x1 
  • Support 2-way-audio 
  • Support Menu OSD (Preset 95) 
  • Support App SuperlivePlus, NVMS-1000, NVMS-5000
  • Support Brewers IE11 (Live view, Search. Config) 
  • Power supply AV24V. /300mA.
  • Protection Level IP66
  • Weight 3.5Kg.
  • ดาวน์โหลดสเปคสินค้า Hiview HP-9632 ที่นี่


Specification (1)
Solution1/28" SONY IMX124+HI3516D
Optical zoom20X F=5.5-110mm./ F1.6-F3.5
SupportAuto focus
Min. lllumniation0 Lux
SupportIR Array 5Pcs. / IR Smart
IR Distance100M.
Video compressionH.264 / H.265
Main Stream2048x1536, 1920x1080, 1280x720 @25fps, CBR/VBR, Bitrate 512-8192, H.264/H.265.
Sub Stream704x576, 352x288, @25fps, CBR/VBR, Bitrate 128-2048, H.264/H.265/JPEG
Third Stream704x576, 352x288, 480x240 @25fps, CBR/VBR, Bitrate 128-2048, H.264/H.265/JPEG
Stream snapshot1@248x1536, 2@704x576, 3@352x288
SupportPAL/NTSC 50Hz/60Hz
S/N Ratio Max48dB. 
Support SD Card Max.128GB.
Alarm inputx1 
Alarm outputx1 
Network RJ45x1 (10/100Mbps) 
Mic inputx1 
Speaker outputx1 
SupportMenu OSD (Preset 95) 
Support App SuperlivePlus, NVMS-1000, NVMS-5000
Support Brewers IE11 (Live view, Search. Config) 
Support Camera temp. checking 
Onvif version2.3 
Support IR on/off adjustable (Via IE) 
Support Day & Night(Auto, Day, Night, Timing) 
Support IR Sensitivity adjustable(Low, Mid, High, Custom) 
Pan Range 360 ํ
Pam Speed 160 ํ/s., Manual control speed 0.5-90 ํ/s 
Tile Range 255, Cruise 8, Track 4, Scan 2, Home position 
Tile Speed preset Speed 160 ํ/s., Manual control speed 0.5-90 ํ/s
Preset 255, Cruise 8, Track 4, Scan 2, Home position 
Specification (2) 
SupportSmart 3D zoom
SupportFocus limit (30Cm. 1M, 1.5M, 2M, 3M, 5M, 10M) 
Support Camera initial 
Support Auto PTZ flip 
Support Preset, Cruise, Group, Trace, Task, Alarm, Home Position 
Support Scan 
Support Motion Alarm (Area and sensitivity adjustable, Motion Schedule) 
Support Motion Alarm Triggering (Alarm out, Snap, Email, FTP) 
Support Alarm input x1 (NO/NC), (Alarm input schedule) 
Support Alarm output (Alarm holding time) 
SupportAlarm server
SupportIP change notification
Supportonline user
SupportBLC (Enavle/Disable)
Support3D DNR (Auto/Low/Middle/High)
Supportdefog (Level 1-4)
Supportcolor adjustable (Color level, Brightness, Sharpness)
SupportWhite balance (Auto, Indoor, Outdoor, Manual)
SupportAE Mode (Auto, Bright, Shutter, Iris)
SupportAGC (Level 0-15)
SupportMirror (Disable, Mirror, Rota, Flip)
SupportUser management
SupportBlock and allow lists (IP filtering, MAC filtering)
SupportConfig import/Export setting
SupportOnline upgrade
SupportLOG (Search, Export)
SupportDDNS (88ip, dns2P, meibu, dyndns, no-ip, dvrdydns, mintdns, and 123ddns)
SupportProtocol NTP, TCP IPv4, PPPoE, DDNS, SNMP, RTSP, UPnP, Email, FTP
Power SupplyAV24V. / 300mA.
Power consumption15W. (Max 30W. IR ON)
Working EnvironmentTemp. -20 ํC~+60 ํC, Humidity less tham 95%
Protection LevelIP66
Lighting protectionTVS6KV, surge protection
Weight / Dimension3.5 Kg. / Ꝋ209x317
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